7 Things To Do Before You Leave Home

A holiday is a time to relax and preparation to leave is just as important as packing up your suitcase. If you are leaving the property, here are seven things to do before departure so that you have a peaceful time away and on return.

1. Don’t advertise to everyone that you’re away

Watch out on social media who you are telling and who that person might tell. Don’t share where you’re going and for how long; share photos when you’re back.

2. Stop your post

If you are away for any length of time and especially, if you have a shallow postbox, you may want to set up a Royal Mail Keepsafe.

3. Unplug/switch off electricity from the socket

To prevent any power surge on appliances. No need to turn off the refrigerator but you can empty it and increase the temperature slightly to save on bills.

4. Lock windows and doors

Keep all entry points closed and securely locked. If you have multiple locks, lock all of them. Check that your double-glazed windows are NOT in nightlock mode (ie slightly ajar).

5. Don’t turn off the boiler

Instead, set it on timer that it comes on and off a few hours a day to prevent pipe freeze.

6. Check your tap

That it’s not leaking any water. There could be flooding whilst you’re away.

7. Light timer

Consider installing a light switch timer like this on Amazon.


8. Mute your landline

Don’t advertise to your neighbours that you’re away. Thanks MC for this suggestion post-publication. More suggestions welcome.

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