“Should I rent out my property furnished or unfurnished?”

This is a question that we get every time a new enquiry comes to us. No question about our fees, just that the new would-be landlord is keen to know whether the property to rent should be furnished or, preferably, unfurnished. Here is our advice.

We will not know until…

The first answer is, we won’t know until we start marketing. Some tenants have everything, and some have nothing. Especially since the pandemic, many tenants have their own furnishing to make their abode prettier and comfortable. They could own everything, including big items like beds, mattresses, and sofas. However, there are many tenants who own nothing. They could be relocating, prefer to have and use their own, or simply, minimalists who are happy with whatever supplied.

Will it affect my rent price?

No. I know, it’s unfair. If it’s fully furnished and especially, if they are nice, you should receive more rent. But that’s not how it works in renting in London. The price makes virtually no difference. That said, if furnishing is all mismatched and in a poor condition, yes, it can affect the price because the property generally doesn’t look as nice. We offer property staging service, too, so please feel free to enquire.

If you have furnishing

The important point to remember is to never leave anything that you’d despair, if a piece of furniture is damaged or stolen. This goes for everything inside the property that is not ‘fixed’, ie, your flat screen TV, picture frames, potted plants, art, chairs, side table, etc, anything that is not fixed onto the property.

We’ve not met any tenants who would cause deliberate damage but accidents happen. And sometimes, they are not repairable or is not worth repairing. We’ve also not met tenants who would deliberately steal but during a move out process, something can get taken by mistake. And it’s difficult to organise the return (it depends on what).

Don’t remove furnishing

That is, until the marketing photos are taken. Pictures convey everything and before you start moving things out, make sure to consult with your agent. We need the property tidied but not empty. Otherwise, it will looked unlived, sad, and unattractive to potential candidates.

Will I have to buy furniture?

This depends on who we find as tenants. If we think the best candidate needs a bed, yes, we will recommend it. And yes, we will help to source a reasonable product at no hassle to you. We know what a headache it can be to organise furniture delivery. However, if you insist on not having any furnishing, yes, we can make that clear at viewing so there is no mismatched expectation.

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