“Will a new kitchen increase my property value?”

This is a question homeowners and landlords often ask in the belief that having new aesthetic work carried out on a property may improve its chance of selling. With very many people looking to sell in anticipation of Brexit, I want to ...


この度「The Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards 2018」 における「女性ビジネスリーダー賞」の最終候補に残った事をとても光栄に思います。 Blue Patchは倫理的なビジネスコミュニティであり、純粋で革新的で持続可能なアプローチを持つ倫理的なビジネスを認めるアワードを運営しています。 女性ビジネスリーダー部門:大きな成果を挙げている女性がリーダーシップを執る企業や、女性リーダーがビジネスに多大な貢献をしている企業を表彰。

“Female Business Leader Award” finalist

We are honoured to be shortlisted for the “Female Business Leader Award” at The Blue Patch Sustainable Business Awards 2018. Blue Patch is an ethical business community and runs the Awards to recognise ethical businesses that have ...

“How do you reference tenants?”

This is a question we’re often asked by landlords and it is a very good question. After all, if you’re handing over control of one of your most valuable assets to a complete stranger, you’ll want to know how we ensure we find you the ...

Because We Care

This is going to really come from my heart. No edits, no proofreaders. And I’m giving myself 10 minutes to write it.

2017, What A Year!

Some of you may know that I am born in Japan and today is Oomisoka, the last day of the year to clean up and prepare for the New Year. In this light, I thought I’d share some of the highlights of 2017.

7 Things To Do Before You Leave Home

A holiday is a time to relax and preparation to leave is just as important as packing up your suitcase. If you are leaving the property, here are seven things to do before departure so that you have a peaceful time away and on return.

Can I exchange my integrated washing machine for a free-standing one?

This is a great question from one of our clients who bought a flat with integrated appliances. Integrated appliances are beautiful to look at – so sleek, so modern – but when they break down, it’s a real pain.

Why take up management service?

When I was asked this question recently, I was a little taken aback.  Surely, you don’t want the responsibility of being always on-call? Roughly, 93% of 1.75 million landlords in the UK own just a single rental property. So it’s easy ...

Marybow Loves Bow

On Valentine’s Day, we announced that we will soon be sharing with you our community love for Bow, E3 in East London.