Video: The client purchased a buy-to-let Victorian terraced house in East London. The outdated home was badly in need of a major refurbishment. The landlord hired Marybow Property to supervise the refurbishment process in order to modernise and bring a more contemporary feel. See the transformation in this video.

Why Marybow Property?

  1. We provide you with complete peace of mind, as we take on the 24/7 liaison role between you, the builders, and material suppliers;
  2. We offer up to 80% off brand-new kitchen units and floors because we hold our own trade accounts and directly pass on the savings to you;
  3. A client-side project manager means you have someone on your side at all times to negotiate trade discounts throughout the project and monitor the progress to meet your timeline;
  4. CDM 2015 aware and specific insurance cover to carry out all types of refurbishments, renovations, and remodelling.

Service Schedule

  • Consult and advise landlord as to the design of the project.
  • Agree key goals and establish acceptable risk.
  • Explore aspirations and any preferences to design.
  • Prepare a plan and specification of the project.
  • Obtain quotations and present with realistic budgets and time-frames.
  • Select best supplier and negotiate the lowest cost.
  • Obtain any necessary Local Authority permissions.
  • Liaise for any necessary freeholder permission to carry out the works.
  • Source materials. Any trade discounts will be passed on to you.
  • If tenants are in-situ, to liaise so the disruption is minimal and arrange for contractor access and deliveries.
  • Organise contractors and brief specific instructions.
  • Monitor progress and performance.
  • Agree change in strategy as necessary and keep a log of it. Draw up the Changes to Schedule and agree with contractors for new timings and costs.
  • Provide regular updates on the work in progress.
  • Register parts guarantee if appliances are ordered.
  • Ensure all follow-up activities are completed and documentation provided.
  • Oversee agreement of final account.
  • Arrange after-builder cleaning.
Lia has looked after the refurbishment of two properties I own. These were accomplished quickly, efficiently and with excellent results.

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