Maximise your kerb appeal

Looking for a new home is not just a practical event, there’s a lot of emotion tied up in making the right choice. I remember deciding not to make an offer on a property simply because I didn’t like the look of it at the very first moment I saw it. Many people I know have told me they feel exactly the same.

If you’re trying to sell or let your property, then it’s critical it looks attractive as potential buyers or tenants approach it. Even if it’s not visible directly from the road, the property should look attractive from where it’s first seen. Outside shots of the property are often used as the lead shot the listing pictures, and it’s so important it looks attractive there to encourage people to click and find out more.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for maximising your property’s kerb appeal even if you’re on a budget:

Make an entrance

Make sure the front door looks inviting. Clean uPVC doors and perhaps give a wooden door a new coat of paint. If you have hardware on the door, polish or clean it up and ensure it’s securely fixed in place. If it’s in your budget you could think about replacing the door or hardware if needed.

Give the doorstep/entrance area a good clean and put down an attractive doormat for that finishing touch. If you keep things like bikes, bins, walking shoes and boots by the front door, then keep the area clutter-free by investing in a small store or shed.

Gardens, drives and pathways

Keep gardens or driveways at the front of the property tidy and pleasant to look at. Clean pathways and block paving with a pressure washer and clear weeds out from the cracks. Keep grass cut and trim back unruly or overhanging shrubs and trees. If gravel needs refreshing, give it a top up.

Gleaming windows

Ensure your windows are sparkling clean and don’t forget the frames too. Clean uPVC frames and don’t neglect wooden frames – repaint them if needed. Make sure your curtains or blinds are properly hung inside and look clean and neat from the outside.

Go green

Adding a few new plants to the front of your property can really make a difference. If you haven’t got a garden, then potted plants and hanging baskets can add a real splash of colour. But don’t forget to water them!

Sparkly lights

Outdoor lighting is not only practical, it’s also a welcoming touch on a dark evening. Make sure the lights work and the fixtures are clean and securely fixed. If you haven’t got wired lighting at the front entrance, then solar lighting is an option.

We’d love to help you let or sell your property and we’re full of fantastic ideas to make your property viewer-ready. Please call us on 0203 588 5115 today.