Using a Buying Agent

We can act as your buying agent.

This means we act solely on behalf of you, the buyer, to find your next dream home or buy-to-let investments. The benefit of it is that it is time-saving, efficient, and cost-saving. For this service, our remit is anywhere in London zones 1 and 2.

How are we qualified?

We are a selling agent too so we know all the tricks of the trade. We are experienced letting and property managers, so we know what a great property looks like and what features are highly desirable to tenants, should you wish to rent out. Finally, we are experts in residential refurbishment so we can tell what property is well-built or not. We are experienced project managers and can help you with refurbishment.

Sick of selling agencies not calling you back?

Impossible to get a viewing organised after work or on weekends? Don’t live in the UK and you found out the hard way that photos and floorplans are not representative of reality? Barely can take a shower with children to look after and you’re relocating to London and need a house? We can help.

Lia didn’t try to ‘sell’ her company’s services like some less scrupulous agents would (and have, in my experience). Rather, her advice was solid, informative and helped me to decide the right course of action regarding my property.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.