Report a Maintenance Issue

We are updating the way that we deal with maintenance issues. As of 1st of July 2023, new maintenance issues will be triaged directly with a tradesperson over video. You will be able to connect with someone in a matter of minutes to discuss and review the issue.

We will be sharing your email address with the software provider purely for the purpose of providing you with this service and identification at the time of a report.

This service is designed to get your emergency maintenance problems dealt with quickly and efficiently. You will be connected with a qualified and experienced tradesperson via video that can help to triage your issue, and if possible, help you fix it under supervision. If the issue requires a physical visit, this process will cut your waiting time by providing photos and a full report of the issue to our management team, so that the physical engineer can arrive with parts and “first fix” the problem, reducing the time it will take to complete a full repair.
The video engineer is also able to dispatch a physical emergency contractor if the situation requires one when our offices are closed.

You can use the service 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week. However, please only use the service if you have a genuine maintenance problem. We will receive a copy of the engineer’s report and be able to act on the information you have provided to them, where necessary.

In order to use the service, visit the following link from your phone and put your email address in for identification purposes. You will then be asked to confirm the issue type and taken through some checks before connecting with an engineer.

You can see a little more about how it works via this video.

We hope that you will see the efficiency of this new and innovative way of dealing with maintenance issues. If you have any problems please do let us know and we will be happy to guide you through the service further.

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