“Best Business Award” finalist

It’s an honour to be selected at this year’s Best Business Women Awards. The category is sponsored by BBWA’s 2016 Headline Sponsor, Clydesdale Bank.

Here are some excerpts from the submission that will help to get to know more about us and our ethos.

Why should you win?

I should win because I am shaking up the London private residential sector and bringing back common sense. I am helping to clean up the industry image, proving it can be ethically run, by women as well as men, and that it can be localised and positively impact my community. I speak of common sense because looking after customers is often seen as the weakest point of agencies but with Marybow, this is the major strength. Common sense applies to fees, too, that there is no reason to charge high fees to tenants when they are already out of pockets for the large sums needed to pay for deposits.

I’m often told that as someone who is from an Oriental background, and especially as a woman, I should not be going against the norm. Property is a very male-dominated and heavily Caucasian world. I am an outlier, wherever I go. The award would help to show that here is a small company making a difference. Perhaps it could inspire others to take the courage and shine, too.

Your future plans?

My aim is to stay boutique, offering a quality service to landlords and tenants. Quality service to me is about delivering the Marybow slogan, “Be At Home”. I would like the landlord to ‘be at home’ in their hearts when they are working with me, and physically ‘be at home’ because they know that they can leave it to Marybow for any repairs or maintenance. I would like tenants to ‘be at home’ because they can trust that Marybow will provide a good home away from home, where they will not have to worry about timely management and feel safe to stay as long as they want. I have a 100% tenancy renewal rate so I know it’s working.

The category is presented to the business which can showcase outstanding achievement and success, from profitability to customer service, strong growth to innovation. For more information, please click here.