“New Agency of the Year” finalist

We are honoured to be shortlisted for “New Agency of the Year” at The Negotiator Awards 2017. It is the most prestigious and popular awards scheme in residential property industry. Here is an excerpt of our application on how I came to ...

5 Valuable Lessons Learnt from Our First Exhibition

On 6 September, 2017, we had an opportunity to exhibit at the National Landlord Investment Show – East London and as we are focused on serving landlords with properties in East London, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to meet with ...

Can I exchange my integrated washing machine for a free-standing one?

This is a great question from one of our clients who bought a flat with integrated appliances. Integrated appliances are beautiful to look at – so sleek, so modern – but when they break down, it’s a real pain.

Why take up management service?

When I was asked this question recently, I was a little taken aback.  Surely, you don’t want the responsibility of being always on-call? Roughly, 93% of 1.75 million landlords in the UK own just a single rental property. So it’s easy ...

Marybow Loves Bow

On Valentine’s Day, we announced that we will soon be sharing with you our community love for Bow, E3 in East London.

New Landlord Rules to Know in 2017 – Legislative Update

We’ve had feedback to write our own version, as other sources can get taken down suddenly or the selling angle is too distracting. Here it is, including as much useful hyperlinks as possible that you may want to bookmark for the future.

How to Banish Condensation

Droplets accumulating on your inside windows? Every property seems to suffer from this during the winter months. Condensation is widely misunderstood as a defect of the property. This blog explores how to banish condensation for good ...

What is the Minimum Landlord Obligation?

We get asked this a lot from non-clients. But in a way that’s exasperated, so landlords must be either tired of paying for something that’s ‘nice to have’ or just plain want the low-down.

“베스트 비즈니스 어워드(Best Business Award)” 최종후보 선정

Marybow Property는 올해의 베스트 비즈니스 우먼 어워드(Best Business Women Awards, BBWA) 최종후보에 선정되는 영광을 얻었습니다. 해당 부문은 BBWA의 2016년도 대표 후원사 클라이스데일 은행(Clydesdale Bank)이 후원하고 있습니다.

“Best Business Award” finalist

It’s an honour to be selected at this year’s Best Business Women Awards. The category is sponsored by BBWA’s 2016 Headline Sponsor, Clydesdale Bank.

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